Monday, December 1, 2014

10 Beautiful Railway Routes in the World, Which Make the Journey Special

Usually from private vehicles to travel by air or rail journey is economical in comparison. Also, railway travel is considered the most safe and comfortable. These railway trips is very wonderful because when the train passes through the middle of the beautiful natural views. In countries where the railway routes of the world, there are many trains pass through enchanting countryside. Experience to watch the beautiful views from the train during the journey is too great.

However, it takes lot of time on these paths through the train, but it becomes memorable for a lifetime journey. So far appears somewhere on the desert wilderness. Nowhere elsewhere on the icy pond, sees the beauty of the mountains, plains of rivers and streams that murmur audible sound is captivating, to travel on these trains really like to have a feeling of freshness. It includes Indian Maharaja Express train. See the list of 10 beautiful railway routes in the world with the beauty of earth, which make the journey special and memorable for a lifetime journey.

1. The Bergen Line train from Oslo to Bergen in Norway

2. The Himalayan Queen of North India from Kalka to Shimla

3. The train from Vancouver to Banff in the Canadian Rocky Mountaineer

4. The train on the route from Chicago to California in USA California zephyr

5. The Glacier Express from St. Moritz to be Zermatt in Switzerland

6. The train from Adelaide to Darwin on the set of Australia

7. The Pride of Africa From Cape Town to Dar-es-Salaam-bound train

8. The Eastern & Oriental Express train from Singapore to Bangkok

9. The Maharaja Express in India New Delhi to Mumbai via Agra-Jaipur

10. The train from Moscow to Vladivostok in Russia, the Trans-Siberian Railway


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  2. I like to ride someday on these fabulous trains.The Pride of Africa is on my top list.

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