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Friday, December 5, 2014

The Next Big Thing in Indian Tourism

India is known worldwide for her selfhood: marvellous, strange, outlandish, uncommon and aesthetic. India welcomed 6.86 million international tourist arrivals and $18.10 billion in foreign exchange earnings from tourism in the year 2013. Tourism to India has seen a steady growth, year on year, from 4.46 million arrivals in 2006 to nearly 7 million arrivals in 2013. 

The United States is the huge source of international tourists to India, while European Union nations, AUS/NZ and Japan are other major sources of international tourists.

Indian Market and Tourism

The Indian Prime Minister Mr. Modi recently launched his campaign “Make in India”. He has urged foreign companies to invest in India. The NDA government has eased the foreign direct investment cap in several areas like construction, defence and the railways. It gives the international manufacturing and business companies, easy access to the Indian market, which will automatically create job opportunities, improve the financial condition and travel or tourism of India.

Easy Process for PIO Card Holders

This brilliant move of Mr. Modi’s will ensure that the passage to their root country will be easier for the PIOs. He announced that PIO card holders staying in India on long-term basis will no longer have to report to the local police station.